Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trifecta of information

There has been a trifecta of information out this week for Peregrine Diamonds and Chidliak. Not all Chidliak.

The biggest is the announcement of a $300K kimberlite drilling program in Botswana, Africa.

News Release -- July 14th 2015

Not directly related to Chidliak by any means. Chidliak does depend on seasonal field seasons, so the start of the drilling in Botswana will coincide with the wrapping up of field season drilling for Chidliak. If they can find something promising in Botswana and it does boost up the market value of the company, it will make it easier to finance the development of further resources at Chidliak.

The second is a video with Andrew Bell on commodities that had the following guest:
Monica Ell, Minister of Economic Development and Transportation, Nunavut

There was mention of a possible diamond mine at Chidliak and the demographics of the nunavut population lent toward a strong working force (young adults..not baby boomers).
There was also mention that the workforce could be out of Iqaluit and they could drive to and from site without the costly fly in and fly out scenario that a lot of northern mines employ. This option will be a boon economically for Chidliak.

Here is a link to the video -- BNN Video - July 14th, 2015

The third announcement is the very recent interest rate cut in Canada by a quarter point.
Here is the official information from the government -- Bank of Canada July 15 2015

This puts a negative pressure on the Canadian $$. Chidliak diamonds are valued in American $$' the valuation of those diamonds goes up in CAD $$'s when the pressure on the currency comes to light.  Hitting CAD$1000 per tonne on CH-6 rock value is not out of the question.

Those are 3 recent pieces of information. Waiting on an updated field season program for Chidliak.
Will likely include geotechnical drilling for pit walls for the PEA, resource conversion drilling and some prep work for CH-44 trench blasting for early 2016. Probably include some of the regular prospecting as well.

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