Friday, April 3, 2015

Friedland's exercise warrants

Very active end of the week for warrant exercising.

Both Robert and Eric exercised their full position adding an additional $6.5 million to the coffers of Peregrine Diamonds.

This money is significant to get Chidliak through to PEA level.

Robert added $3.5 million and Eric added $3 million.

Chidliak could see a $1.5 billion NPV discounted to today's date -- NPV Calculation 2

For a company only worth $55 million and the payback on the mine will be within a couple of years of production...that leaves a lot of potential to grow into from an investment point of view.

With 1000 tonnes of bulk sample material from the 3 pipes...there is a chance we may get to see a fancy diamond. (>10 carats).
to date 450 tonnes of previous bulk samples on these trifecta of pipes yielded these top stones:

8.87 carats
6.53 carats
5.83 carats
4.62 carats
4.11 carats

May start getting pictures and sizes in the September/October timeframe.

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