Thursday, April 2, 2015

9 million warrants change hands

Update: Confirmed that Robert Friedland has bought these warrants and fully exercised the warrants.

Significant transfer of warrants happened today.

Ned Goodman has indirect ownership of 8.9 million warrants

Ned is one of the trifecta's, but obviously has some ownership in some of Dundee's accounts.

This exact amount was trading via pure trading today as indicated on stockwatch.

The 4.4 million that Ned has is probably being exercised with his own money.
The 8.9 million has indirect ownership of, he probably has less control over and there may not be funds to cover the warrants...hence, the transaction.

Question at this point is, who purchased the warrants to exercise?
It could have gone directly to Ned or possibly to Robert or Eric. Or possibly another investor.

More information should be available over the next week.

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