Monday, May 2, 2016

Cusp of PEA

Article - Northern miner - Chidliak

There was a very recent article on an interview with Tom Peregoodoff (CEO of Peregrine Diamonds) and Trish Saywell (journalist at the Northern Miner).

An authorized reprint has been made available for anyone interested in Chidliak to read.

This is the direct link to the article on Peregrine's website -- Peregrine Diamonds on cusp of PEA

This is a must read for anyone looking to invest in Chidliak

There are few must read quotes in that article. One in particular is from Tom:

"If CH6 were in production it would be one of the top four or five in terms of revenue per tonne in the world, based on 2014 valuations on www International diamond Consultants."

This jewel of Chidliak is the rock value per tonne that will be obtained from the pipe and that in turn leads to a significant profit margin.

Here are a couple of previous posts talking specifically about profit margin.

Post 1 - Chidliak = profit margin

Post 2 - Profit Margin v2

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