Monday, June 8, 2015

Canadian Diamond profile

Canadian Diamonds are sourced from a few diamonds mines within Canada.
There is wholesale Canadian Diamond website where you can purchase individual loose (cut) stones.

It is fairly clear that Canada has yet to supply the world with very large diamonds, but it does show that Canada has supplied the world with stunning diamonds in the 3 to 4 carat range.

The information below is obtained from this website -- Canadian Diamonds


The question then becomes whether Canada can produce large stones (>20 carats) on a regular basis?
The Renard mine in Quebec (under construction) and run by Stornoway Diamonds will be the first major test of this theory. They have mentioned on several occasions that the mill is being built with a super size diamond collector to potentially sieve off diamonds in the 100 or 200 carat range. A production run will be required to see how this turns out and also what quality these potential diamonds will hold.

Chidliak's early indications are well in line with producing the 3 to 4+ carat, very high quality, diamonds. The biggest factor is the quality has been maintained throughout the life cycle of going from micro analysis to macro analysis. The missing part with Chidliak is 'how big is big'. Stornoway has clearly indicated that they are looking for big stones...Peregrine Diamonds has left that terminology to third party valuator's and not themselves.

Link to valuation report -- Valuation report ch-6
The third party valuator implies that a production may produce higher carat values. They don't indicate how that is achieved, but one way would be larger in size stones in a production scenario.

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