Monday, May 4, 2015

May 15th - Trifecta

Yet another Trifecta of information is happening for Peregrine Diamonds.

@ Chidliak - LDD drilling will continue with the bulk sampling until the spring melt occurs. Based on weather forecast, this may occur between May 15th and May 20th. Later is better as they can also get to CH-44 and CH-6 beyond the already drilled CH-7.

@ Peregrine Diamonds head office - Earnings will be published on or about May 15th. This will show how much is in the treasury (cash) to continue with all the Chidliak work.

@ Africa/London - Peregrine Diamonds closes the deal in Botswana on or about May 15th and can start  a modest drilling program for kimberlite targets this year.

May 15th is setting up to be a trifecta of news information.

Most pertinent of all is the weather conditions at Chidliak. If they can get CH-44 into the fold of bulk sample/valuations, that will make the PEA (preliminary economic assessment) even fuller.

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