Thursday, May 14, 2015

LDD Complete CH7

The LDD drilling this year turned out to be solely focused on CH-7 as that was the critical mass objective of the project.

Here are the details from the completion of the program -- Bulk Sample 2015

CH-7 is made up of 5 sub-domains. One of those domains has already had a surface sample it was the other 4 domains that really needed the Large Drilling program.

That has been completed and a total of 558.5 wet tonnes of material is being sent to the SRC for diamond recovery and grade analysis. Then it is off to Antwerp for a valuation model of  CH-7.
At which point, the PEA on the 2 priority pipes can be finally completed.

The tonnage point of view is interesting. They used a 1.18 mm cut off for the material. The valuation model will only take into account 1.18+ mm stones anyway. However, this does get rid of some rock..which is great for transport costs, etc.

They will be doing some calculations to get true tonnage that can correlate with the stones they do recover.

"Sample weights suitable for use in resource definition will be determined using moisture content, calculated drill hole volume based on caliper data and kimberlite specific gravity data."

They did not have time (weather did not permit) to move all the gear over to CH-44 and get some rocks out of their. CH-44 is smaller in size and the plan is to surface trench next year.
It is possible that, since the gear will be on site (dozers, shovels, blasting gear), they may also include ch-45 in the same program as it is in close proximity.

CH-6 was going to get a hole strictly to convert material from inferred to indicated and has no material impact on the upcoming PEA.

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