Thursday, May 28, 2015

Diamond Bourse of Canada

The Diamond Bourse of Canada was formed 6 years ago.

Mission: Facilitating and Enhancing all Diamond Trading Activities in Canada.

Here is a link to their website -- Diamond Bourse

This week it was announced that Peregrine Diamonds is the first ever Junior Mining Company to become a member of this Bourse in Canada.
There is already a well established single miner that is part of the Bourse and that is De Beers Canada.

Jennifer Pell will be representing Peregrine Diamonds with the Bourse.

There is a lot of information on what the Bourse does offer. Please check out the link above.

The membership form includes a charge of $1500, but also has a lot of detail that needs to be inputted before a membership can be granted.

This includes:

1 - Providing three reputable references from within the diamond industry.
2 - Credit and criminal check

So, the question remains...what advantage does a company like Peregrine Diamonds have in joining this Bourse.

The expanded networking is an obvious. A junior company with drills turning and only a glimmer of a prospect of a mine coming online in the future may not have any need to become a member of this bourse. Chidliak, however, has very strong fundamentals and it isn't a big stretch that this project has a big Green Light on....with the gas pedal down...and until they hit an obstacle of some sort...networking within the diamond industry is an asset.

Will Peregrine Diamonds market Chidliak diamonds under a new 'Canadian' brand name?
This Bourse might go a long way into getting those diamonds into the industry in Canada. That is what they do. Peregrine must think that they will have production diamonds coming out of is just a question of when.

Interesting to say the least.

Here is a comment from a member of the Bourse:

"We look forward to working with Peregrine and wish them every success in their pursuit of diamonds in Canada,"  said the bourse's president, David Gavin.

Gavin added that many of the Canadian mines that are moving into the production stage in the next few years are located in the Northwest Territories and Peregrine is very well-positioned to contribute to the world's diamond supply in the years to come."

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