Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bulk Sample Update

A dedicated weather page for Chidliak has been created -- Weather at Chidliak

This is an available online widget with weather direct from Iqaluit. There was a widget for Chidliak Bay, but that no longer works.

Here are some time lapse videos from Kimmirut, which is about 200 km's SW of Chidliak.
Play 24 hour timelapse | Play 30 day timelapse

This is from an area in Greenland across the ocean from Chidliak
Play 24 hour timelapse | Play 30 day timelapse

Update on weather:

Approaching a bit of 1 degree Celcius weather starting on Sunday for a couple for a few days before returning to well below zero.

Highlighted in red are the pertinent numbers for a spring melt and early closure of program.
Highlighted in green are the positive numbers. eg. Hour of sun is very, very low throughout the warming bit.

Peregrine Diamond is probably going to make a decision to see if they can make it through this stretch and continue on with the program...or they may call it a day and end the bulk sample program.

Update on weather:

It is still looking reasonably well over the next 2 weeks for the LDD to continue as planned.
A bit of snow in the next 2 or 3 days and they may be able to send some bulk samples over the snow trail.

There has been an update on the Bulk sample today -- Bulk Sample Update

As of April 19th, they've collected 470 bags from CH-7. 1 bag equates to about 1 tonne of material.

All, but 100 of these bags has made it to Iqaluit and the 100 bags are currently being sent via air.

There is a plan still to try and get a LDD hole into both CH-6 and CH-44...but only if the winter weather stays around. Any sign of thawing of the ice and the equipment is no longer used.

I suspect this also has to do with the fact that the airstrip is ice based as well.

The key to completing as much as possible of the program is the weather.

Iqaluit is a good spot to monitor for weather. A few days ago, it was calling for up to -2 degrees celcius weather.  That has changed for colder weather...which is good news for Chidliak.

Here is a current long term trend of the weather in Iqaluit:

A bit of snow and colder weather on May 1st/2nd will help...but weather does tend to change quite quickly.

Here is a link to the current 14 day forecast -- Iqaluit weather

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