Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Significant CH7 results

New press release today with new caustics and a new area within CH-7 kimberlite.

Here is the link -- Press Release

The new domained area within ch-7 has an outstanding stone count of 5.7 stones/kg and a preliminary grade of 4 CPT.

This will again, add significant ROR and quicker payback just like CH-6 kimberlite will do.

This is great news for Chidliak.

Compare the best hole in this new result @ 6.3 stones per kg and compare it to the CH6A hole from September 21, 2009 that also came in at 6.3 stones per kg. I've adjusted for size comparison

 This new CH-7 hole may take the record on a population curve for all of Chidliak.

 Mr. Eric (2009) says:

"We believe these microdiamond counts from CH-6 are some of the best results in the history of Canadian diamond exploration and a testament to the outstanding potential of Chidliak"

Mr. Tom (2015) says:

"The new results from CH-7 define a previously unknown geological domain that has the potential to exceed the resource grade of 2.58 carats per tonne ("cpt") established at CH-6."

That pretty much sums it up.

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