Where to buy Chidliak Diamonds?

Where can one buy Chidliak diamonds?

Unfortunately Chidliak diamonds will probably not be available for sale until about 2020 when permitting, construction, etc. could be done and the mine could be in full production by then.

This will also depend on how much financing and investment the company can secure over the next couple of years to achieve some key milestones.

Interested in Chidliak diamonds? Invest in Chidliak now and Chidliak diamonds will become available sooner -- How to invest in Chidliak

One day, Chidliak diamonds will have a dedicated site similar to De Beer's victor diamonds --> The Victor Diamond

Until then, there is no way to acquire Chidliak diamonds.

The largest stone found to date is an 8.87 rough diamond valued at US$36K that is not for sale and probably will be with the company as a keepsake.

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