Weather at Chidliak

The Chidliak project is in the far north and weather can be significant in how an execution of any drill program is achieved. This page is dedicated to source information for weather in and around Chidliak and Baffin Island. This is a 14 day forecast for the direct co-ordinates of Chidliak site -- Chidliak site 14 day. Here is a forecast for Chidliak Bay -- Chidliak Bay Weather This is the closest to site forecast currently available. Chidliak Bay is on the North East end of the Chidliak claims. Iqaluit is the main support center to get goods and materials to and from Chidliak. It lies South West of Chidliak. Here is a widget that shows current weather in Iqaluit:

Here are also some Timestamped videos from Baffin Island:
Here are some time lapse videos from Kimmirut, which is about 200 km's SW of Chidliak.
Play 24 hour timelapse | Play 30 day timelapse

This is from an area in Greenland across the ocean from Chidliak
Play 24 hour timelapse | Play 30 day timelapse

Here is a link to Pangnirtung images --   Pangnirtung images
Pangnirtung is NE of Chidliak.

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