Resources or TFFE at Chidliak (now includes April and May 2016 updates)

* Updated Resource statement expected 1st quarter 2018 ~mid February *

* NEW* -- Released February 15th - 2018 - 02 - 15 - NR

Resources in the Canadian market has to adhere to a 43-101 guideline.

In the diamond industry there are 4 types of material that can be disclosed.

Measured Resource
Indicated Resource
Inferred Resource
TFFE - Target for future Exploration (range)

The 4th item above may not even be considered a resource, but it can be disclosed by a company as long as it comes with a minimum and maximum range. It cannot be a precise number.

A preliminary economic assessment (PEA) can use the inferred or above category.
Once one moves to the pre-feasibility study level (PFS) or feasibility study level (FS) only measured or indicated resources can be utilized.

Currently, Chidliak only has inferred resources or TFFE.

Here is an updated table that includes information from the Feb 2018 news release:

* CH-20 has diamond kimberlite material within the CH-6 open pit. There is not enough drilling to define a TFFE or Inferred resource.

** CH-44 has no declared Inferred resource as a valuation parcel has not been obtained.

From the data within the 2015 technical report, the April 7th, 2016 news release and the May 5th, 2016 news release, the information has been extracted and consolidated into a table below.

TFFE is sometimes related to elevations and focus has to be given to elevations as the Phase 1 of the mine development will be solely based on open pits. The depth of those pits will be 250 metres plus or minus 50 metres.

This table shows a breakdown by elevation:

This final table shows a breakdown by domain specific to ch-6:

Tonnage and grade are only two of the key parameters for Diamond Mining.
Valuation by carat is also a key parameter. (Carat Values - Chidliak and others)

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