Q3 Kimberlite

Q-3 Kimberlite

This kimberlite is the third kimberlite found on the adjacent Qilaq property.
This was found during the 2011 field season.

Discovery news release -- Aug 8 2011


"The Q3 kimberlite was discovered when a magnetic low anomaly with an estimated surface expression of 2.5 hectares, as determined by ground geophysics, was tested by the drilling of three angled RC holes, two of which ended in kimberlite."

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Caustics release -- Oct 27 2011


"As announced on August 8, 2011, the Q3 kimberlite was discovered by drilling three RC holes into a magnetic low anomaly on the Company's 100 percent-owned Qilaq project. A 179.5 kilogram sample of RC cuttings was processed for diamonds at the SRC and two diamonds larger than the 0.106 mm sieve size were recovered."

Caustic results found a couple of diamonds in the near surface RC drill cuttings.

Because of the size, this will probably get 1 core drillhole deeper into the centre of the body in the far distant future. Low priority

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