Chidliak forums and other sites

Here is a list of other venues that you can find out about Chidliak.
I'm open to adding to this list.

Stockhouse --  Chidliak at Stockhouse

Silicon Investor -- Chidliak at Silicon Investor

Agoracom --  Chidliak at Agoracom

Tumblr -- Chidliak at Tumblr

Twitter -- Ekim Twitter Feed

Investor Hang out -- Chidliak at Investor Hangouts - PGDIF

Technical reports -- Peregrine Technical Reports
(great for Due Diligence)

Stocktwits -- Chidliak at Stocktwits

Online Chat - Junior stocks Canada - CEO Chat

Anonymous real time chat on on ceo chat -- Chidliak Chat Room

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