CH9 Kimberlite

CH-9 Kimberlite was announced on August 6th, 2009.

Here is the initial press release -- CH9 Release

"The CH-6 kimberlite was discovered by drilling whereas the other three kimberlites, CH-7, CH-8 and CH-9, were discovered at surface while prospecting geophysical anomalies"

 Found via prospecting.

"The CH-9 kimberlite is located seven kilometres west of CH-1. While conducting a ground geophysical survey, the field crew discovered magmatic kimberlite over an area interpreted as outcrop/subcrop measuring approximately 5 metres by 25 metres. The kimberlite exposure lies just west of a circular magnetic anomaly with an estimated surface expression of one hectare as defined by ground geophysics"

Outcrops to surface, has a size of 1 hectare.

Image of CH-9 is contained in this PDF (page 8) -- Image of ch9

As per the technical report - It does contain diamonds (not barren).

CH-9 also received an RC drill hole (even with the subcrop).

An associated dyke was found in 2013 (summer).

Here is the link to the press release -- ch-9 dyke

In addition to these six new kimberlite discoveries, prospecting crews discovered kimberlite dykes associated with four known kimberlite pipes: CH-2, CH-5, CH-9 and CH-21.

So, we have 1 hectare, we have an outcrop that was presumably sampled, we have an RC hole, in fact 2 RC drill holes.

Here is the information - Hole # CHI-059-10-RC01 - vertical 22.25 metres hole diameter 92 mms
Hole # CHI-059-10-RC02 - Azimuth 200 degrees, dip -45 degrees, length 13.10 m, hole diameter 92 mms. These were both drilled in 2010.

A press release in sept 2010 from here -- sept release 2010

Indicated this -- "The CH-9 kimberlite was discovered by prospecting in 2009 when abundant kimberlite boulders and cobbles were found at surface associated with a linear magnetic high anomaly that was adjacent to a circular anomaly. Two RC holes were drilled into the circular anomaly confirming that it was also kimberlite and providing sufficient material for initial diamond testing at the SRC."

From an earlier technical report:
"The diamond results from the CH-5, CH-7, CH-8, CH-9, CH-11 and CH-12 kimberlites confirmed that all are diamond-bearing and two of these, CH-7 and CH-12 have coarse diamond distributions (Pell, 2009)."

Finally found the Caustics for CH-9 in this report (page 66) -- 2009 Technical report

2 small micro stones on 217 kg sample.

This one is probably be put on the shelf and will not be looked at in the future.

It begs the question, why did they drill a couple of holes in 2010 when they rec'd the outcrop results already. Maybe they were hoping for a different phase of kimberlite and when they drilled it, it had the same signature of the outcrop. The RC Drill was very not sure exactly what was expected.

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