CH8 Kimberlite

CH-8 Kimberlite at Chidliak was announced on August 6th, 2009

Here was the initial news release -- Chidliak CH-8

"The CH-8 kimberlite is located approximately 1.5 kilometres west of the CH-7 kimberlite and was discovered when kimberlite cobbles and boulders were discovered at the southern edge of a geophysical anomaly with an estimated surface expression of one hectare as defined by airborne geophysics. The surface material is described as weathered magmatic kimberlite."

Here is a link to an image of the kimberlite (page 7) -- Images - CH-8

They sampled some the surface material and the results are contained here -- Caustics - CH8

The result was a low stone count 17 stones for a 187.9 kg sample.
However, the stone was count was spread out completely through the micro seives
1 stone in particular landed just 2 sieves short of commercial size.

This is a kimberlite that could have a population curve that migrates into the macro sizes with larger samples.

Couple that with the fact that it is only 1.5 km's away from the second (to date) pipe on the property (Ch-7) that will be in the mine plan and you have some room to add a drill hole into this body.

This kimberlite will probably get further testing during the mine production phase to see if it can be included in the future.

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