CH70 Kimberlite (PHASE 2)

This kimberlite is a dyke potential structure located 600 metres north of CH-6.

Here is the excerpt from the news release:

"Approximately 0.9 metres of kimberlite was intersected in an inclined RC hole targeting a residual ground gravity low anomaly that coincides with a circular magnetic anomaly at the north end of the "String of Pearls", approximately 600 metres north of the CH-6 kimberlite."

Here is a link to the original news release -- Dec 8 2014 news

This is basically an extension of the string of pearls area.

It is unknown at how far or deep this dyke like structure extends to.
It is fairly certain that it will contain diamonds as the other pearls in addition to CH-6 have been very diamond-bearing in initial tests.

Having CH-6 turned into a mine and with all the mine equipment in the near vicinity, makes this structure worthy target to define.

They were only able to get a drill available during the end of the season. The RC drill was mainly focused on overburden drilling on the 3 priority kimberlites.

It will be a hard sell to get the core drill rig off of priority tasks during the up and coming summer to poke a couple of holes in this structure, however the rig will be nearby, so it may get some added attention.

High priority that this will be looked at before they start mining at Chidliak.

This is included in Phase 2 alongside the other string of pearls.

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