CH69 Kimberlite

CH-69 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered by RC drilling in the 2014 field season.

From the 2015 technical report:

"In 2014, 146 heavy mineral samples were collected and 2,327 line-kilometres of ground
magnetic surveys (sled-mag and walk-mag) were completed on 19 grids. Twenty geophysical
anomalies and seven areas of interest were evaluated by prospecting, resulting in the
discovery of one kimberlite, CH-68. Two new kimberlites (CH-69 and CH-70) were discovered
by small-diameter RC drilling. Data from a 2010 RC drill hole was re-evaluated and, what had
previously been referred to as an “unnamed dyke”, was assigned the kimberlite designation,
CH-71. "

"In addition, 279.80 m were completed in 10 holes on six geophysical anomalies and two new kimberlites, CH-69 & CH-70. "

3 holes were drilled in CH69 - 39.01m, 23.32m, 24.84m

Discovery news release -- Dec 8 2014


"Six geophysical targets were tested by RC drilling this summer resulting in the discovery of two new kimberlites, CH-69 and CH-70, that could represent dyke-like structures."

"Approximately 1.8 metres of kimberlite was intersected in an inclined RC hole targeting a segmented linear magnetic feature located 3.7 km northeast of Discovery camp."

This is a dyke like feature and probably why 3 RC drill holes were used.
I suspect more work will need to be done to better define and explore this dyke to see if it blows out anywhere or leads to a feeder pipe.

No caustic results yet on these samples.

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