CH68 Kimberlite

CH-68 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered during the 2014 exploration season by surface prospecting.

From 2015 technical report:

"In 2014, 146 heavy mineral samples were collected and 2,327 line-kilometres of ground
magnetic surveys (sled-mag and walk-mag) were completed on 19 grids. Twenty geophysical
anomalies and seven areas of interest were evaluated by prospecting, resulting in the
discovery of one kimberlite, CH-68."

"An 80.00 kg microdiamond sample was collected from CH-68; only one diamond was
recovered and it was in the +0.300 mm to -0.425 mm sieve class. The other new bodies were
not sampled."

This kimberlite does have diamonds in far just 1 stone has shown itself.

This will be a low priority going forward indefinitely.

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