CH62 Kimberlite

CH62 Kimberlite was found in the summer of 2013 by prospecting.
It was not sampled and no caustics are available.

The above is from the July 2014 Technical report.

I believe this kimberlite is mentioned in this press release -- Press Release
However, since they do not mention kimberlite numbers, it is hard to confirm.

This is the excerpt that I think is part of this kimberlite:

"At the second site, kimberlite float was found associated with a circular geophysical anomaly that has an estimated surface expression from airborne magnetics of approximately 0.5 hectares."

We have an unsampled kimberlite with the size of 0.5 hectares.

Sounds like the RC Heli Rig needs to stop by and some point and drill a hole in here to at least confirm if it is diamond bearing.

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