CH60 Kimberlite

CH-60 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered during the 2012 season by prospecting.

Discovery news release -- July 24 2012

"Follow-up prospecting has led to the first kimberlite discovery of this season, CH-60, which is defined by a magnetic anomaly with an estimated surface expression of 0.3 hectares, and by the occurrence of abundant kimberlite float coincident with the anomaly. CH-60 is located approximately eight kilometres southeast of the CH-7 kimberlite. In addition, four new discrete occurrences of kimberlite float have been discovered and further prospecting and ground geophysics will be required to identify the kimberlite sources."

No microdiamond testing has been completed on this kimberlite.

The focus of the project at this point in time has been shifted to focusing on the priority kimberlites.

This will get tested at some point in the future, but is deferred for now.

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