CH57 Kimberlite (barren)

CH-57 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered during the 2011 field season using the RC drill rig.

The RC chips were tested for diamonds and came back with no stones at all.

Discovery news release -- june 22 2011

Images (pages 3 and 6) -- Images PDF

The image clearly shows a non-traditional image compared to many of the other images.
A single RC drill hole was placed into the side of it at an angle. This is possible under a lake.

The RC drill hole is touching the side of the kimberlite and if the kimberlite body was multi-phased or very complicated, there would still be potential.

This may get another hole deep into the mine life as they approach the end and are looking at any possible opportunities that may exist.

Considered barren for now.

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