CH55 Kimberlite (PHASE 4)

CH-55 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered using core drilling in the 2011 summer exploration season.

It was found to be diamondiferous and returned significant results.

Discovery news release -- June 2 2011


"The CH-55 kimberlite is located approximately 16.5 kilometres south of the CH-17 and CH-51 kimberlites. One core hole inclined at -45 degrees intersected kimberlite breccia at 51 metres after passing through nine metres of overburden followed by 42 metres of gneiss. The hole was terminated at 183 metres after intersecting 108 metres of kimberlite, followed by 24 metres of gneiss. A second hole, inclined at -60 degrees is currently being drilled from the same setup. CH-55 has an estimated surface expression of one hectare, based on the interpretation of ground geophysical and drill data."

From technical report:

"The CH-55 kimberlite was discovered when two angled holes were drilled from the same setup across a magnetic-low geophysical anomaly. CH-55 is currently estimated to be 0.8 ha in size. A 195.60 kg sample was submitted for caustic fusion analysis and 214 +0.106 mm sieve size diamonds were recovered, including one +1.18 mm sieve size diamond that weighed 0.03 ct."

Images (pages 3,6,7) -- Image PDF

Caustics news release -- Sept 12 2011

It had one stone on the 1.18 mm sieve and an implied grade of 15 cpht.
0.8 hectares is a reasonable size to be included in a mine plan at a later stage.

This will get more work on it as it did turn up a single 0.03 carat stone in a very small core sample.

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