CH54 Kimberlite

CH-54 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered during the 2011 exploration season by core drilling.

Caustic testing of the core was deferred as it has been deemed low priority.

Discovery news release -- June 2 2011


"The CH-54 kimberlite is located approximately 11 kilometres northeast of Sunrise camp and is associated with a kimberlite indicator mineral train. One vertical core hole drilled into CH-54 intersected kimberlite breccia at a depth of 43 metres after passing through 25 metres of ice and water and 18 metres of overburden. Kimberlite with variable amounts of gneiss and country rock breccia was intersected from 43 to 114 metres, followed by country rock with minor kimberlite to 143 metres, and then kimberlite with approximately 15 percent country rock to a depth of 160 metres. The hole was terminated at 195 metres after passing through 35 metres of gneiss. CH-54 has an estimated surface expression of one hectare, based on the interpretation of ground geophysical data."

Images (pages 3 and 6) -- Images PDF

A single core drill of 195 metres was completed.

This kimberlite is about 1 hectare in size and has core drill that has not be tested yet.
Based on the description from above, it looks like the kimberlite material has been mixed throughout with some levels of country rock.

The size still makes this a priority to complete the testing (as funds are available). The geology gives this kimberlite a higher degree of complexity.

Testing will get done on this and there is still potential to have diamond counts within the kimberlite..still to be determined.

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