CH52 Kimberlite (PHASE 4)

CH-52 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered by RC drilling during the 2011 field season and caustic results returned significant results.

Discovery news release -- June 2 2011

Due to abundant kimberlite indicator minerals in the RC cuttings, they proceeded with 2 core drill holes across the body.


"The CH-52 kimberlite is located approximately 200 metres east of Sunrise camp and has an estimated surface expression of one hectare based on the interpretation of ground geophysics. It was discovered by the drilling of one vertical RC hole that intersected 25 metres of overburden and 21 metres of gneiss before intersecting 19 metres of kimberlite. The hole was terminated in kimberlite at 65 metres. As is the plan with all kimberlites discovered by RC drilling, CH-52 will be evaluated by core drilling if the initial diamond results are favourable."

A 208.40 kg sample yielded 252 stones including 4 stoneson the 0.85 sieve (commercial) for a total of 0.05 carats.

The implied grade is  24 cpht. and the stones/kg is 1.2.

This kimberlite is within 2 km's of CH-59. CH-59 also has some significant results with a 1 stone/kg count.

CH-52 had 2 core drill holes drilled into it (223 metres and 245 metres)

Caustic news release -- Oct 6 2011


"As announced on June 2, 2011, the CH-52 kimberlite was discovered with the drilling of one vertical reverse circulation hole. Due to the presence of abundant kimberlite indicator minerals in the drill cuttings, two angle core holes were subsequently drilled across the body. The 208.4 kilogram sample reported here was collected from the drill core. The kimberlite is located approximately 200 metres south of the Sunrise camp and is five kilometres to the east of the Southern Focus Area, an area with an eight kilometre radius that hosts six of the seven kimberlites identified to date at Chidliak with economic diamond mining potential. The surface area of CH-52 is estimated at 0.2 hectares."

"Three of the four diamonds larger than 0.850 mm in the CH-52 sample were characterized by the SRC as being white/colourless and one was off-white."

Images (pages 3 to 5) -- Images PDF

This is kimberlite is only 0.2 hectares in size, but does warrant future work as it does contain a significant amount of diamonds. Of relevance is the location. The location is just outside the circle of priority and is closest to the CH-31 kimberlite.  This will not be far from the mine infrastructure.

A good chance some further testing on this will be done before mine production starts.

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