CH51 Kimberlite (PHASE 4)

CH-51 Kimberlite

This was the first confirmed kimberlite discovered in the 2011 season.
This was core drilled off lake ice as the anomaly existed below a lake.
This is also the twin kimberlite to ch-17 discovered a year earlier.

Discovery news release -- April 20 2011


"CH-51 is located approximately 200 metres south of the CH-17 kimberlite, ten kilometres south of the CH-28 kimberlite and 40 kilometres north of the Southern Focus Area. Currently, CH-28 and six kimberlites within the Southern Focus Area have characteristics consistent with economic potential in Arctic settings.

CH-51 was discovered by drilling one vertical core hole from lake ice into a high-priority magnetic high anomaly. Kimberlite was intersected over an interval of 101 metres from a depth of 33 to 134 metres underneath 25 metres of water and eight metres of overburden. Mantle xenoliths, abundant kimberlite indicator minerals and Paleozoic carbonate rock fragments were observed in the drill core. From 134 to 171 metres, gneiss with minor kimberlite stringers was intersected and from 171 to 175 metres a macrocrystic kimberlite dyke was encountered. The hole was terminated in gneiss at a depth of 188 metres. Based on interpretation of the ground geophysical data, CH-51 has an estimated surface expression of one hectare."

This was tested by caustic fusion and was determined to contain significant results.

Caustics news release -- Sept 12 2011
A 227.68 kg sample yielded 76 stones spread out over 7 sieve sizes including three on the 0.85 mm (commercial) sieve. The 3 stones weighted a total of 0.04 carats.

The implied grade is 18 cpht versus the implied grade from ch-17 of 35 cpht.

This will get further work along with CH-17 and could be included at a later stage of the mine life depending on further results.

I suspect more drilling to be done once they have a DMS unit on site and are working consistently through the winter/spring seasons. Currently those are only being run as necessary (ie. Bulk sample programs)

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