CH5 Kimberlite

The CH-5 Kimberlite was drilled and announced at the same time of CH-6.

July 16th, 2009 -- Original press release

"The CH-5 kimberlite was discovered on July 10, 2009 when kimberlite cobbles and boulders were identified at surface while prospecting a priority 2 geophysical anomaly situated approximately eight kilometres west of the CH-4 kimberlite. The magnetic high anomaly has an estimated surface expression of one to two hectares as determined from airborne geophysics. Two different types of kimberlite were tentatively identified in the field. The first type is a coarse-grained altered material with limestone xenoliths and altered pyrope garnet and olivine. The second type is finer-grained with altered indicator minerals. Samples weighing approximately 200 kilograms will be collected from each of the two kimberlite phases for microdiamond analysis and results are expected next month. This discovery of kimberlite at a priority 2 anomaly that was not scheduled for drilling this year is a further illustration of the exploration potential at Chidliak."

The caustics from 2 surface samples are contained in this PDF -- Caustics - news

This kimberlite does contain diamonds. However they are in the lower portion of the micro population curve and there is no indication that it will be move up in the curve...which makes it doubtful that macro's are going to be in any abundance.

Priority - There will be no priority of PGD to spend any money on CH-5 at this time.

Future - The 2 surface samples came from 2 distinct types of kimberlite. There is possibility that putting a drill hole into the kimberlite may show a very complex structure and possibly there may be portions that have higher population counts.

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