CH49 Kimberlite

CH-49 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered by surface prospecting during the 2010 summer exploration program.

Discovery news release -- Sept 16 2010


"The CH-49 kimberlite was discovered when abundant magmatic kimberlite cobbles and boulders were found within a linear topographic feature interpreted to host a kimberlite dyke."

Image (page 23) -- Images PDF

It clearly shows the dyke like linear structure based on the image.

The dyke continues up into another target further north that lies beneath a lake.
The dyke itself also lies partially under a lake.

The lake target could be upwards of 3 to 4 hectares and the dyke itself could be 20 or 30 metres wide.

This was deemed low priority and no further testing has been done on it.
This is probably because of the logistical issues with the lake and if there is high quality diamonds found, the capital/social costs to deal with the lake would be there are better targets at this time.

This whole structure will get further testing via core drilling at some stage and probably during mining activity.

If any significant results were to be found, this may end up being an underground portion of Chidliak.

Still significant potential here and work to be done.

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