CH47 Kimberlite

Chidliak Kimberlite # 47 - CH-47

Sept. 16th, 2010 News release -- Press Release - CH47

Image of kimberlite -- (page 21) -- Image PDF CH47

Size - Estimated at 1 hectare

"The CH-47 kimberlite was discovered when abundant kimberlite float was found on the shore of a small circular lake hosting an isolated, circular magnetic high anomaly with an estimated surface expression of one hectare as determined by ground geophysics. The kimberlite is highly altered but contains olivine macrocrysts and country rock xenoliths."

From the 2014 technical report:

"Testing of the remaining seven kimberlites was deferred as they were deemed to be of low interest. "

Result - We don't know where this is in relation to other kimberlite bodies.

Result - We don't know if this contains diamonds or what. Surface prospecting on float material. No drilling into this body.

We have to believe that there is a reason why this is low priority..yet ch-46 was low priority at one time and they decided to process the RC Drill cuttings and it came back with significant results.

If this is located somewhere near CH-44,45,46, then it may be worth a further look at.

This needs more work.

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