CH42 Kimberlite

CH-42 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered during the 2010 exploration season using the RC Drill rig.

The resulting sample was not tested by caustic fusion as it was deemed a low priority.

2 RC drill holes were put into this kimberlite for a total length of 67.06 metres.

Discovery news release -- Sept 16 2010

Images (page 16) -- Images PDF

They drilled 2 holes off the same platform.

Both hit kimberlite very close to surface  (within 3 metres).
The deeper one hit kimberlite until about 18 metres and than hit country rock for another 12 metres.

Looks to have a surface expression of 0.2 hectares.

This should be tested by caustic results.
If it comes back positive, this could be a very small pit if warranted.
If the results come back spectacular...1 core hole would be needed to test at depth.

If this is with the priority circle, this sample should be tested before mine production.
If not, then it should be tested during mine production.

It will be easy to trench and sample this through a DMS onsite as well.

This is low priority mainly because resulting tonnage will be very low and not significant to any NPV calculation. It may still be mined as indicated above as a very small and short life open pit.

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