CH41 Kimberlite

CH-41 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered using traditional core drilling and was the last one discovered by core drilling in the large 2010 drilling season.
Follow up caustic results has determined this kimberlite to be diamondiferous.
A total of 2 drillholes were used for a total of 349 metres.

Discovery news release -- Sept 16 2010


"The CH-41 kimberlite was discovered by drilling a magnetic high geophysical anomaly with an estimated surface expression of 0.5 hectares as determined by ground geophysics. Two inclined holes were drilled across the kimberlite from the same setup and magmatic kimberlite was encountered."

Caustic results - Feb 22 2011

A total of 16 stones for a 185.26 kg sample were found.
The stones were spread over the bottom 4 sieves of the population curve.

This will get at least one more go over once the mine is in production.
Otherwise, it will just sit and wait.

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