CH40 Kimberlite

CH-40 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was found on August 21, 2010 and has an estimated size of 0.5 hectares.
This was found using the portable RC Drill.

From the 2015 technical report:
"Four of these kimberlites (CH-40, CH-43, CH-44 and CH-45) were tested for diamonds by caustic fusion and all were diamondiferous."

Only 1 drillhole was drilled at a length of 33.83 metres

Discovery press release -- Sept 16 2010

Image  (page 14) - PDF images

Caustic results - March 3rd 2011


"The CH-22, CH-40 and CH-42 kimberlites were also found to be diamondiferous. CH-22 was discovered by core drilling, and CH-40 and CH-42 by RC drilling. Samples weighing 214.9 kilograms, 168.1 kilograms and 143.1 kilograms were collected from CH-22, CH-40 and CH-42 respectively and yielded between one and three diamonds ranging in size from 0.106 to 0.425 mm in size."

CH-40 produced up to 3 stones in a 168.1 kg sample.
It is not barren..but there is also no hint of significant diamond population to warrant work at this time.
This will be looked at in the far distant future as a low priority.

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