CH4 Kimberlite

CH-4 Kimberlite was discovered by Diamond drilling and was the first one confirmed in 2009.
Confirmed to contain diamonds.

Here is the link to the original press release -- Press Release

It had 2 drillholes down to about 180 metres each.

located 1.5 km west of CH-1 (not very far) and is about 2 hectares in size.

of note:

"The kimberlite material at CH-4 is more altered than that encountered at CH-1 and is described in the field as being dominantly olivine-rich magmatic material. Sufficient kimberlite core currently exists for representative microdiamond samples, though additional drill holes will be required to fully assess the geometry and geology of this kimberlite."

A geophysical image of ch-4 is located here -- Image PDF

The resulting caustics showed an abyssmal 15 stones out of 201 kgs.
One of those 15 stones almost made it onto the 0.85 mm sieve.
No classic population curve as the # stones are spread out fairly equally on the micro sieves.

Could have something to do with the alteration.

Possibly part of the core has a reasonable population curve while the rest has no diamonds at all.

More work will be done on this kimberlite pipe, especially if ch-1 sneaks into the LOM plan and is not too far from this kimberlite body.

Very low priority, but again, we don't know how many commercial sized stones will fall onto the 0.85 mm seive or if the body will achieve 1 carat+ stones in a large sample.


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