CH39 Kimberlite (barren)

Kimberlite CH-39 - Barren

Update from 2014:

"Small samples (40 kg each) of RC chips from two other kimberlites (CH-39 and CH-48)
discovered by RC drilling were processed in 2014. Both of these kimberlites were barren. "

Had potential, but looks like confirmed a no go in 2014.

First mentioned in this press release -- September 2010 press release

One of the first few kimberlites discovered using the RC Heli Rig drill.

"The lightweight RC drill rig, which began operating in early August, has proven to be an efficient exploration tool for rapidly testing geophysical anomalies. The primary objective of this year's RC drilling campaign was to drill-test as many kimberlite-type geophysical anomalies as possible in a short time period, and to obtain material for a preliminary assessment of the diamond potential of any new kimberlites discovered. The CH-39, CH-40, CH-42 through CH-46 and CH-48 kimberlites were discovered in August and September and 24 anomalies were drilled without intersecting kimberlite. For each of the eight RC discoveries, at least one hole was drilled into the kimberlite with a minimum intercept length of 16 metres, providing sufficient kimberlite chips to complete diamond analysis by caustic fusion at the SRC. The RC discoveries will be evaluated using a core rig next year if diamond results warrant."

Here is a link to the PDF with image of CH-39 -- Images - exploration

Of note, they did drill 2 RC holes into this kimberlite.
It looks like 23 metres (angled) and 20 metres (vertical)

The angled drill hole clearly shows that the kimberlite pipe starts dipping to on the one wall of the kimberlite.

Based on the image, it is about 30 x 40 metres on surface.

Depending on what happens below surface, we are looking at 0.1 to 0.2 hectares

Here is from the july 2014 technical report:

Thirty-four new anomalies were drilled and eight kimberlites (CH-39,
CH-40, CH-42, CH-43, CH-44, CH-45, CH-46 and CH-48), and an unnamed kimberlite dyke
were discovered. Four of these kimberlites (CH-40, CH-43, CH-44 and CH-45) were tested
for diamonds by caustic fusion and all were diamondiferous. Testing of the other bodies was
deferred as they were deemed to be low interest

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