CH38 Kimberlite

CH-38 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered via diamond drilling during the 2010 exploration season.
Caustic testing proved this kimberlite is diamondiferous.

Two drillholes were completed.

Excerpt: (Aug 23, 2010)

"The CH-34, CH-37, and CH-38 kimberlites were discovered by drilling magnetic high geophysical anomalies with estimated surface expressions of 0.5 to one hectare as determined by ground geophysics. At CH-34 and CH-37, two inclined holes were drilled across the kimberlite from the same setup. At CH-34, both magmatic kimberlite and kimberlite breccia were encountered. The CH-37 kimberlite consists of macrocrystic magmatic kimberlite. At CH-38, two inclined holes were drilled towards each other from opposite sides of the kimberlite and kimberlite breccia with limestone xenoliths was discovered. "

Caustics: (Nov 25th, 2010)

"The discovery of CH-35 and CH-38 by prospecting and core drilling, respectively, was reported on August 23, 2010. At CH-35, abundant magmatic kimberlite boulders and cobbles were found associated with a magnetic high geophysical anomaly. At CH-38, volcaniclastic kimberlite was encountered in two inclined holes drilled into a magnetic high geophysical anomaly with an estimated surface expression of one hectare. ."

In a 188.6 kg sample, there were 51 stones over 4 sieves.

This may get looked at again in the distant future, but for now will stay as a low priority kimberlite.

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