CH35 Kimberlite

CH-35 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered via surface prospecting in the summer 2010 exploration program.
This kimberlite is diamondiferous as is it's in the immediate vicinity CH-36 kimberlite.

These 2 kimberlites will go together in any further analysis.

Here is a PDF showing graphic detail of both 35 and 36 -- Chidliak PDF

Excerpt: (Aug 23rd, 2010)

"The CH-35 and CH-36 kimberlites were discovered when abundant kimberlite cobbles and boulders were discovered associated with magnetic high anomalies. CH-35 and CH-36 are located, respectively, 500 and 1,000 metres south of a magnetic high anomaly which has an estimated surface expression of one hectare. This anomaly, number 320, is scheduled for drilling this month. CH-35 has an estimated surface expression of half a hectare as determined by airborne geophysics, and it is represented by an area of magmatic kimberlite outcrop measuring two metres by three metres. The geophysical anomaly representing CH-36 is approximately one hectare in size and the majority of it lies under a lake."

Caustics: (Nov 25, 2010)

"The discovery of CH-35 and CH-38 by prospecting and core drilling, respectively, was reported on August 23, 2010. At CH-35, abundant magmatic kimberlite boulders and cobbles were found associated with a magnetic high geophysical anomaly."

A 239.3 kg sample yielded 8 stones amongst the bottom 3 sieves.

Subsequent caustics from CH-36 yielded very similar results.

This is a low priority kimberlite and will be looked well into mine production has occurred at Chidliak.

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