CH34 Kimberlite

CH-34 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was found via core drilling in the 2010 summer exploration program.

2 drillholes were completed for a total length of 313.60 metres

Excerpt: (August 23rd, 2010)

"The CH-34, CH-37, and CH-38 kimberlites were discovered by drilling magnetic high geophysical anomalies with estimated surface expressions of 0.5 to one hectare as determined by ground geophysics. At CH-34 and CH-37, two inclined holes were drilled across the kimberlite from the same setup. At CH-34, both magmatic kimberlite and kimberlite breccia were encountered."

Caustic testing on the core was not completed at the time and was deferred until a later date.

A photo of the core was made available (page 6) --  Chidliak PDF

This was deemed low priority at the time.

The core will get tested at some point in the future to determine if diamonds exist or not within this kimberlite.

This kimberlite will not be removed from the extended mine plan until further testing is completed.

Deferred testing.

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