CH3 Kimberlite

CH3 Kimberlite - The Third kimberlite ever found on the Chidliak site.

Announced on Sept. 10th, 2008 - Over 7 years ago already.

Here is a link to the original news -- Announcement release

"The kimberlite, designated CH-3, is represented by a collection of kimberlite cobbles and boulders discovered within the boundaries of a semi-circular geophysical anomaly."

"The kimberlite material is described as being magmatic with abundant kimberlite indicator minerals including pyrope garnet and olivine, and a large elongated mantle xenolith measuring approximately 25 by 10 cm. Mantle xenoliths are fragments of a portion of the deep earth known as the mantle. "

Estimated size is about 2 hectares.

Here is a link to the geophysics images as well as some caustic data -- images and data - CH3

Result - 189 stones over a sample of 253 kg's

The stone count is stringer in the mid micro sizes (better then ch-2) and may have a stronger population curve then ch-2...even though ch-2 put a stone on the 0.85 mm+ commercial size and ch-3 did not.

CH-3 was originally found by surface prospecting.

More work to be done on CH-3 because of its size and potential that the early population curve keeps going into the larger size.

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