CH28 Kimberlite (PHASE 3)

CH-28 Kimberlite

Having a surface expression of 2-Hectares CH-28 has come back with intriguing diamond results over the years. A cumulative 32.7 tonnes of total sampling over the years has yielded a 9.136 carats of diamonds for an average of 0.28 carats-per-ton(CPT).
Located in the far North of the Chidliak project the economic viability of this Kimberlite is as yet uncertain. As it does not lie anywhere near the Southern Focus Area not much should be uncovered for several years.

Once Peregrine Diamonds has the ability to process bulk samples on site, CH-28 will get a larger bulk sample done to confirm what kind of macro diamonds it can produce. This may be in a production scenario unless they get a bulk sample process unit onsite before then.

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