CH24 Kimberlite

CH-24 Kimberlite

This was found during surface prospecting in the summer of 2010 program.

Excerpts: (July 19th, 2010)

"The discovery of eight new kimberlites at Chidliak, CH-19 through CH-26, brings the number of kimberlites discovered on the project to date to 26.

The CH-23 through CH-26 kimberlites, discovered in the last few days, are situated near each other on the eastern side of the Project approximately 30 kilometres northeast of the CH-6 kimberlite.

The 20,500 line kilometre helicopter-borne magnetic/electromagnetic geophysical survey was flown at a 100 metre line spacing by Fugro Airborne Surveys Inc. as an extension to the 11,700 line kilometre survey completed in 2008.  Interpretation of the new survey data is ongoing and to date, a total of 442 kimberlite-type anomalies has been selected for follow-up from the cumulative 32,200 line kilometres of airborne geophysical data available for Chidliak.  Of the ten new kimberlites discovered by Peregrine to date in 2010 at Chidliak, six were targets selected from the 2010 survey extension, CH-18, CH-19 and CH-23 through CH-26.

Fifteen of the 26 kimberlites discovered to date at Chidliak have been discovered as a result of prospecting.  Prior to considering an anomaly for drilling, a two to three person team will visit a high priority anomaly, thoroughly investigate the area and reach one of the following three conclusions: anomaly explained by kimberlite, anomaly explained by non-kimberlite source, or anomaly unexplained.  To date in 2010, 55 anomalies have been prospected.  Significant amounts of kimberlite have been discovered at six of these anomalies which are now classified as kimberlites, CH-19, CH-21 and CH-23 through CH-26."

Deferred testing - Testing of this kimberlite was deferred as it was deemed to be of low interest.

Not too much detail, it is probably smaller in size. More work will be done on this kimberlite in the future.

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