CH23 Kimberlite

CH-23 Kimberlite

This was discovered in 2010 by surface prospecting.
This kimberlite was determined to be diamondiferous.

Excerpt: (July 19th, 2010)

"The CH-23 through CH-26 kimberlites, discovered in the last few days, are situated near each other on the eastern side of the Project approximately 30 kilometres northeast of the CH-6 kimberlite.  CH-25 is interpreted to be a kimberlite dyke, and the other three are interpreted to be pipes based on their geophysical signatures.  Abundant magmatic kimberlite boulders and cobbles were found at these four occurrences."

Caustic results were available in this press release -- Nov 25th, 2010

In 267.2 kg sample it contained a total of 7 stones on the 2 lowest sieves.

This kimberlite will be low priority for future testing.

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