CH22 Kimberlite

CH-22 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered via diamond drilling during the 2010 exploration season.

2 core drill holes were completed for a total of 363 metres of drilling.

Caustic fusion analysis on this kimberlite has been deferred because of deemed low interest.

Estimated size: 0.8 hectares
Interpreted Dominant Rock Type - MK (Massive kimberlite, likely coherent)

Next step: Visualization of the core must not shout out large kimberlite minerals. Based on ch-46 rc chips sitting in a bag for a few years and they turned out to contain many stones, this material should be processed as well. This should get processed at the next available time when the project isn't highly constrained by lack of free capital. (ie. If a partner comes in to share costs).

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