CH2 Kimberlite (PHASE 4)

CH2 kimberlite information:

Publicly released October 28th, 2008 -- Press Release

A 356.6 kilogram surface sample from CH-2 yielded 372 diamonds larger than the .075 mm sieve size including three diamonds larger than the 0.600 mm sieve size.

Size - estimated at 3 hectares

The largest two diamonds recovered from the 356.6 kilogram sample of CH-2 were described by SRC as colourless/white fragments measuring 1.96 x 1.60 x 1.34 mm, and 1.00 x 0.90 x 0.72 mm respectively. The remaining two diamonds larger than the 0.300 sieve size were described as off-white and yellow.

A kimberlite outcrop was discovered near the edge of an estimated three hectare geophysical anomaly. The 356.6 kilogram kimberlite sample was collected from the outcrop area and from surficial kimberlite material collected over an area representing approximately 75 percent of the anomaly. The sample consists dominantly of magmatic material with subordinate pyroclastic material containing limestone fragments

Maps and details for CH2 contained here -- Presentation

Positives - Found 1 Diamond on the commercial Sieve size (0.85 mm) in a relatively small sample.

Negative - # Stones on the micro curve fall quite quickly after first 2 sieves.

Result: This kimberlite will be tested for macro analysis, probably in a production scenario and hence, won't be included in an initial mine plan.

Bonus: Colourless, white fragments indicated that they were part of bigger stones.

Speculation - Further testing will determine if it fits into the LOM (life of mine) plan at some stage in the future. Probably of further testing - highly likely. Possibility of inclusion in mine plan - Low to Medium

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