CH18 Kimberlite

CH-18 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered via diamond drilling during the 2010 winter exploration season.
1 core drill hole was competed for a total length of 270 metres.
This kimberlite is located under a lake.

Excerpt: (June 4, 2010)

"The CH-18 drill intersections were interpreted in the field as being both magmatic and pyroclastic kimberlite. The following table summarizes the one angled hole that was drilled from shore across the kimberlite which lies under a lake. Kimberlite material collected from CH-18 will be analyzed for diamonds by caustic dissolution with results expected in the third quarter of this year. "

Estimated size: 3 hectares

They only had about 50 metres of intersects in 3 different places in the drillhole.

There doesn't seem to be a news release with the microdiamond results.

Either, it exists and has yet to be found for this blog or Peregrine Diamonds is sitting on the material and has deferred processing of the material.

Not enough information to move this in or out of future work.

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