CH16 Kimberlite

CH-16 kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered via core drilling in the summer 2009 program.
Further RC drilling was also completed on this kimberlite.
Total of 3 core holes for 448 meters and 1 RC hole for 35.05 meters

Excerpt:  (Sept 14 2009)

"The CH-13 and CH-16 kimberlites are represented by magnetic low anomalies measuring 150 metres by 50 metres and 200 metres by 150 metres respectively. Prior to drilling, kimberlite float was discovered at surface by prospecting at all of these sites except CH-10. A kimberlite outcrop measuring approximately 70 metres by 50 metres was discovered at CH-14. The CH-10, CH14 and CH-15 kimberlites are described as being dominantly magmatic. The CH-13 and CH-16 kimberlites are described as being dominated by pyroclastic material. "

Size -- 3.75 hectares (large)

Excerpt: (Dec 3 2009)

"A 358.7 kilogram sample of drill core from CH-16 returned 66 diamonds, the two largest sitting on the +0.150 mm sieve. "

The 2 core drillholes were completed on the north end of the property -- Chidliak PDF

Excerpt: (Sept 16, 2010)

"As reported on September 14, 2009, the CH-16 kimberlite was discovered by core drilling of a magnetic low anomaly with an estimated surface expression of 200 metres by 150 metres. The magnetic anomaly consists of two circular lobes, with only the northern lobe having been drilled in 2009. In 2010, the southern lobe was tested by drilling an RC hole at an inclination of 60 degrees from horizontal. Approximately 24 metres of kimberlite was intersected under 11 metres of overburden, confirming that CH-16 is greater than one hectare in size."

Excerpt: (Feb 22, 2011)

"Microdiamond results have now been reported for 15 of the 34 kimberlites discovered in 2010, and results for another four kimberlites are expected in the coming weeks. Microdiamond results from the 2010 drilling of the following kimberlites discovered in 2008 and 2009 will also be reported this quarter: CH-1, CH-9, CH-12 and CH-16. "

 Excerpt: (March 3rd, 2011)

"All diamond results from the kimberlites analyzed under the 2010 Chidliak exploration programme have now been disclosed. To date, 50 kimberlites have been discovered at Chidliak, and 34 of the 35 kimberlites that were tested for diamonds are diamondiferous. Fourteen of the kimberlites discovered in 2010 have been assigned a lower priority based on their interpreted size potential and visual characteristics and diamond testing of these bodies has been deferred. At CH-17, the first kimberlite discovered in 2010, only three metres of kimberlite core was recovered in the 2010 drill programme and therefore it will be drilled this month in an effort to obtain sufficient kimberlite material for diamond testing.  "

It looks like the RC drill test in the southern (and untested) area of this kimberlite has been deferred indefinitely.

Peregrine Diamonds may be sitting on the RC chips from CH-16. If they still are, they will probably get processed at some point over the next couple of years.

The northern portion doesn't sound like it is going to be worthy of much additional, but because of the size of the kimberlite, it is worthwhile to confirm/rule out the southern portion via the RC test.

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