CH13 Kimberlite

CH-13 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was found by diamond drilling during the 2009 exploration season.
1 core drillhole at a total length of 182 m was drilled.

Microdiamond results were announced in this press release -- December 3, 2009

This is the excerpt from the press release:

"A 129.5 kilogram sample of drill core from CH-13 returned six diamonds, the largest also sitting on the +0.300 mm sieve."

The results were over a 44 m intercept.

This is from an earlier press release:

"The CH-13 and CH-16 kimberlites are represented by magnetic low anomalies measuring 150 metres by 50 metres and 200 metres by 150 metres respectively. Prior to drilling, kimberlite float was discovered at surface by prospecting at all of these sites except CH-10. A kimberlite outcrop measuring approximately 70 metres by 50 metres was discovered at CH-14. The CH-10, CH14 and CH-15 kimberlites are described as being dominantly magmatic. The CH-13 and CH-16 kimberlites are described as being dominated by pyroclastic material.  "

The implied size is 0.75 hectares, so it is still a reasonably sized kimberlite.

This will be pushed on the backburner.
It may be tested in the future to determine if there are other phases or to just get other results from a different part of the kimberlite body to confirm grade.

Not a priority

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