CH10 Kimberlite (PHASE 2)

CH-10 is one of the Pearls in the String of Pearls that are related to ch-6.

I've been told that String of Pearls is a technical Diamond terminology.

This was announced in the 2009 program on September 14th -- Sept 14 release

"The CH-10 kimberlite was discovered by drilling one of the four magnetic low anomalies aligned like a "string of pearls" in a north-northwest direction just north of the CH-6 kimberlite."

"The CH-10, CH14 and CH-15 kimberlites are described as being dominantly magmatic."

 Image of CH-10 is located on page 10 of this PDF -- CH10 Image

In reality, this is associated solely with CH-6 structure and will be mined in conjunction with CH-6.
With the open pit and then also with the underground, there will be a huge amount of synergies.

Underground will interface with all of the pearls.

In 2009, CH-10 drilling (2 drill holes) produced 111 kgs of material and with a total number of diamonds of 152 with a very nice micro diamond curve throughout. It is fairly save to assume that the material created at ch-6 will be found in all the pearls.

The pearls are much smaller then CH-6 and therefore are not going to add  a huge weight on the total tonnage of the mine and Peregrine is not going to spend $$'s on a carat valuation at this point.

This will need to wait well into the project...but assumptions can be made that ch10 and all other pearls will have high margin tonnage.

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