CH56 Kimberlite

CH-56 Kimberlite

This kimberlite was discovered by core drilling during the 2011 summer field season.

Testing of the core was deferred as they were deemed to be of low interest.

Discovery news release -- June 22 2011


"The CH-56 kimberlite is located approximately 1.6 kilometres southwest of Sunrise camp under a lake, and has an estimated surface expression of one hectare based on the interpretation of ground geophysics and the drill intersection."

"Drill core obtained this year from the CH-55, CH-56 and CH-58 kimberlites and reverse circulation drill cuttings from the CH-57 kimberlite will be analyzed for diamonds by caustic fusion at the Saskatchewan Research Council Geoanalytical Laboratories. Results of the analyses are expected in the third quarter."

A 236m core drill was completed on this kimberlite.

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It was mentioned that it was going to be tested and than at some point the decision was made to defer the testing.

The size of 1 hectare is a good thing. It is reasonable close to CH-31, so not too far from mine infrastructure. The biggest issue is the location a lake.

The size will make this a priority to test once a DMS unit is on site and the mine is in production.

There is still potential here as no caustic testing has been completed and location and size is reasonable.

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