Area B is an area that De Beers discovered during the season that they had full access to the field program.

A full gravity survey was completed of this area. Drilling has not yet been completed on this anomaly.

Discovery release -- Nov 19 2013


"At one float locality named Area B, located approximately 15 kilometres east of the CH-6 kimberlite, kimberlite boulders and cobbles with abundant kimberlite indicator minerals were found over an area measuring approximately 1,000 by 600 metres. Finding a source or sources for the Area B kimberlite float and other important unexplained float occurrences on the Project will be a high priority in future exploration programs.

Ground gravity and ground electromagnetic (Max-Min) orientation surveys completed over select kimberlites proved effective at defining the kimberlite bodies. Peregrine plans to use these two geophysical methods in tandem to complement ground magnetic surveys that have been completed in priority areas with unexplained kimberlite float and KIM anomalies, such as Area B. Peregrine will also consider conducting an airborne gravity survey if modelling of the existing gravity data suggests it could be successful in identifying new kimberlites in priority areas. "

2014 Field season update -- Sept 2 2014


"High-interest kimberlite float was discovered in Area B in 2012. Area B is located approximately 15 kilometres east of CH-6 and it remains a high priority exploration area for the Company. Due to the focus this season on resource delineation at CH-6, CH-7 and CH-44 in preparation for a PEA, the drilling of geophysical targets in this area has been deferred."

Images (page 22 and 23) -- Images PDF

There is significant potential here for 3 reasons. Multiple anomalies show up in a gravity survey, abundant kimberlite indicator minerals have been found, and the anomalies are still within the circle of priority.

Not a single drillhole has been used. In 2014 they utilized the entire season, sneaking into Sept., for high priority tasks. Especially in preparation for the Bulk sample in Winter/spring 2015.

When resources and time permits, CH-61 and Area B should get use of flow through exploration $$'s and a few drillholes put into this bodies. 

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